Monday, June 14, 2010

Conversations with an almost 2 year old

Me: "Naomi, how old is mommy?"
Naomi: "30"
Me: "No Naomi, 29"
Naomi: "No Mommy, THIRTTTTY"

Me: "Naomi, how old is Daddy?"
Naomi: "Old!!"


Me: "Naomi do you have a mullet?"
Naomi: "I think so"


On our way to CJ's 2nd birthday party.
Me: "Naomi, you ready to go see your friend CJ? It's his birthday, he's turning 2!!"
Naomi: "NOOO CJ. CJ OLD. CJ Older than Nomi. Nomi 2"

At CJ's birthday party.
Me: "Naomi you can't have the pool to yourself, you have to share with the other kids"
Naomi: "NOOOO. I share share with Nomi"