Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair days

Haven't had time to post in awhile, after being sick for what seems like forever, Naomi and I are finally feeling better. Naomi turned 8 mths last week. Some new developments from this past month.

- Went to daycare for 4 days - hated it, got sick and said she wasn't going back (jk we're not starting her full time yet)
- Started nursery at church. Hated it, but they feed her cheerios there, so she's starting to warm up.
- sits in a highchair at restaurants
- Started eating cheerios, can't figure out how to feed them to herself yet, so she grunts when she wants more.
- Moves from sitting to her belly, with only the occasional face plant.
- still prefers to say Dadada no matter what, but occasionally says, guh-guh (which means big brother in chinese...too bad kid, siblings dont work that way), bwahh, yaya, and on the very rare occasion, mama.
- has 4 teeth now
- Started moving towards only 2 naps a day.

and of course, everyone's favorite, the hair. it's still growing right down the middle. On some days it looks like a skunk. Some days a mohawk, and a friend told me today she looks like Morrissey! hah

Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Improvements

We have about 20 lightbulbs throughout our kitchen. Luck has it that almost all but 2 have gone out within days of each other. When we replace them, I want to try and go green and get energy efficient lightbulbs. Only thing is that I haven't been able to find a good source, we need special recessed lighting bulbs. Maybe we'll make a trip to Home Depot.

Other updates on my wishlist for our kitchen - a wall painted with chalkboard paint. A friend of ours had this in their apartment and it was incredibly useful, and kid friendly. And we have the perfect wall. Here's an example I found online.

Now I just gotta find some free time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Toys

Naomi loves banging on an empty orange juice bottle with a wooden spoon.
Sidenote - check out the crazy hair.
Sidenote 2 - yea we're both sick, although I think Naomi is in better shape than I am. I guess I'm just weak like that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parenthood - not for the poop averse

Day 5 of Naomi and Amy being sick. It has not been a fun ride. Today I finally caved in and went to the doctor's office to get some antibiotics. Since I'm still breastfeeding, there aren't as many choices for my pickin's apparently, but we went with the good old Amoxicilllin. 10 days 2x a day. Hopefully this will kick this sickness to the curb. But it makes me think, am I a wuss cause I need antibiotics, whereas with Naomi, we're supposed to just wait everything out?

In addition to the regular old cold/cough/fever triple threat that Naomi has had, she's also been having an upset stomach. Not sure what's going on with her, but yesterday, Austin and I had the pleasure of watching her try to go #2 every 20 minutes!! As a parent, it's our right to be able to point and laugh at your kid when you see them grunting, pushing and turning red, all tell tale signs of them doing you know what. Well yesterday we definitely weren't laughing. It all actually started the day before, we noticed Naomi would try to go to the bathroom, strain herself, and start whimpering. Every time she did that, she had just a little bit of poop come out, enough to warrant a diaper change, but not enough to be any sort of relief to her. So by the end of the day, her bum was raw, we were worried, and she was miserable. We ended up taking her to the pediatrician who said it could be a number of things and not to worry since it wasn't constipation or diahhrea. Great. So all yesterday we sat at watched as her bum got more and more irritated and as she cried out in pain more and more. Finally we decided to take matters into our own hands. After checking with my aunt, who was an incredible pediatrician, along with some other family friends, we decided to use a suppository to try and see if we could help clear out her system. OK have you ever used a suppository? It's not a pretty concept. I'll spare you the gory details, but lets just say, picture a bullet shaped pebble being inserted in a space where no one should ever have to insert anything...(unless youre a baby, and thats how you get your temperature taken...or unless you're just nasty...and if you are, go away stop reading my blog). Anyway, IT DIDN"T WORK!!! Naomi has buns of steel. She grunted and grunted, and we thought, "oh for sure, the suppository worked, she just pooped everything out." But NOPE, she just squeezed the suppository out. Since it was such a miserable ordeal for her, we decided to nip it on the bud and continue to wait it out.

It's the day after now, she's had one teeny weeny bowel movement. But no grunting or crying, and it seems like the pounds of butt cream we've been slathering on her bum has worked wonders for her raw diaper rash....Hopefully it was just a little bug and is gone now.. Hopefully our close encounters with Naomi's poop are encounters we won't have to have for awhile.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Marketing ploys!!

We went grocery shopping today, and bought not one, but TWO mega sized bottles of listerine. "Why?" you may ask, because I'm a sucker for marketing. Listerine makes PURPLE mouthwash!!! And in my quest to own all things girly, I had to have it. And because Austin refuses to use girly Listerine, he had to buy his boring old green bottle. So yes, we bought two bottles. Damn you marketing. Don't you know we're in a macro economic meltdown!! Stop trying to convince me to spend more money!!

Carrier Monkeys part deux

Naomi is slowly getting better, no more fever, just a nasty runny nose and cough. But now I'm sick as well. On Friday night I felt myself coming down with something, and as soon as we put Naomi to sleep, I pretty much conked out as well. After an amazing 13 hours of sleep (who would have thought I'd get that anytime in Naomi's first 18 yrs of life), I was still pretty beat. I've spent the entire weekend sleeping, taking tylenol, eating and sleeping. Pretty pathetic start to my week off from work! Austin thankfully hasn't caught it, although he's been really tired too, hopefully it's just exhaustion from work, and now from taking care of his "two sick girls" as he says. I say, "damn daycare".

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Care = Carrier Monkeys

It's true what they say about daycare. As soon as your kids start going, they're sick all the time. Well, today would have been day 5 of Naomi's one week daycare stint, but she decided she had had enough. This morning she woke up with a fever and runny nose, so Austin stayed home with her for a few hours, then I came back home from work so he could go in. She's sleeping now. Hopefully she'll be able to kick this thing pretty quickly.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Care day 2

Update from her second day. Naomi didn't cry as much when Austin dropped her off yesterday morning. And when I went to pick her up, as we were leaving the center, she smiled at everyone, charming them as we went, possibly thinking, "SEE YA SUCKERS I'm out of here."

According to the daily update sheets, Naomi loves books (we knew this. thank god she takes after me...dont ask when the last book Austin read was - it may have been the final Harry Potter), she played with her new best friend Sienna, aka Doppelganger, and she pee'ed all over the diaper changing station and clothes and had to be changed into a new outfit! That's my girl!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Day 1 done!  Yes yes all you experienced parents were right.  It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  

Regardless, it was still an exhausting day for all 3 of us.  Naomi conked out way before her usual 8pm bedtime, thanks mainly to the fact that she only took 3 30 min naps while at daycare (vs her usual 3 2 hour naps!!).  But we did it, and Naomi even made a friend, they could have been twins, but don't be deceived.  Naomi is the girl with the receding hairline/fauxhawk.  
Oh, and at the end of the day the teachers give you a little sheet which tells you what they did during the day.  Naomi's ended with, "I enjoyed staring at the mirror admiring how pretty I am".  Thus proving our theory that she is the vainest baby we know.  Stick her in a mirror and you instantly have a happy Naomi.  Must get that from daddy.

It's good for her....

My mom left on Saturday morning to head down to Florida for a month. With her gone, we had to figure out childcare for Naomi for a month. For a week she'll be in daycare, utilizing my company's backup day care. Ironically, 3 weeks ago, Naomi started to have separation anxiety. Perfect timing if I must say.
On Sunday, we put her in our church's nursery, it was her third time. Since Austin and I were both leading the music worship, we weren't able to sneak out and pick her up. Needless to say, she cried for almost 2 hours. UGH. I'm only hoping that the daycare teachers today will be able to soothe her. An image of Naomi's face red, splotchy and crying has been racing through my head all weekend. And now that I'm at work, I'm even more anxious, part of me wishes I could be there with her on her first day, but mostly I'm grateful Austin is home and has the awful job of dropping her off.