Monday, December 26, 2011

I Jimmy Kimmel'ed Naomi

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. We spent the day relaxing at home, letting the girls get some rest. Mikaela had a fever of 102 on Christmas Eve, so we kept everything low key, dinner on Christmas eve with my brothers, a birthday cake yesterday for Chris, and just a lot of hanging out in PJs. (and princess dresses for Naomi).

A couple of weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel put out a challenge to parents to let their kids open one Christmas gift early, but make it be a really bad gift, video record them, and post it to YouTube.
The results were shockingly hilarious. I decided to try and prank Naomi by giving her a gag gift to open for being a good girl on Christmas eve. Here's what happened:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mikaela's first day of work

Our daycare was closed today, but both Austin and I had to be in the office. Austin took Naomi to work with him, and I signed Mikaela up for backup daycare at the Bright Horizons by my office. Before I dropped her off, I brought her into the office to introduce her to everyone. She was completley overwhelmed at first, and was very clingy, but eventually started to warm up to people by the time it was time to leave.
She was happy for awhile to bang away at my keyboard pretending to work though. And according to the daycare teachers at the backup center, she settled in very quickly, despite the tears she gave me when I was dropping her off.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Naomi's Dance Recital

Naomi had her dance recital for her pre-tap/ballet class this past Saturday. She's had a dance recital with the dance class she does at daycare, but this was the first real dance recital she's been in. The recital was at the Nutley Middle school, on a real stage, with a dress rehearsal, backstage waiting wing, dressing rooms, photo shoots, costumes, stage makeup etc. All in all, her dance was only 2 mins, but it was so exciting and fun non the less.

On Friday, Nai Nai drove up for the show. She watched Mikaela while Naomi and I headed over to the middle school for the rehearsal. Each dance class had about 5 mins on stage, but had to be there 15 minutes prior to their slotted time. And of course everything was running a bit late. It was mass chaos with little kids running around everywhere. I seriously felt like I was in a terrible nightmare scene from toddlers and tiara's.
Naomi was a little impatient as we waited in the audience for her class to be called up. She kept asking when it was going to be her turn to go on stage and dance. But at the same time, she liked watching all the other classes on stage and had her eyes glued to the stage the entire time.
When it was our turn to go backstage and lineup, she practically ran backstage. Some of the other girls were a little antsy and nervous, and their mom's were worried about whether their kids would dance, or melt down on stage. I was more worried about whether Naomi would melt down when her turn was done.
They ran through their dance number once on stage. Naomi did a great job, following the teachers and was very focused. I seriously am shocked by how a girl who is as shy as she is, and takes forever to warm up to people, even friends we see almost every week or every day, can get up on stage and have no stage fright whatsoever.

The next day was the day of the actual show. We were supposed to get there an hour before the actual show started, but I knew that we would end up just sitting around waiting, and didn't want to press my luck with Naomi behaving and being patient enough. So we went a little late, probably giving ourselves 30 mins before the show to get there, get dressed, have her photo taken with the photographer and touch up her "stage makeup". Yes stage makeup was really just mommy's makeup, and it was possibly the one thing she was most excited about. She actually tried to tell me that she was supposed to wear mommy makeup for the dress rehearsal as well. She didn't win that argument. The entire time we were in the dressing rooms, she kept asking for touch ups, wanting more glitter, more lipstick, more blush, more eyeshadow. Even while waiting in the wings she was asking for a touchup. Everything was really light though, so she didn't look like a crazy toddler in a pageant show. There were definitely some kids with mascara, bright red lipstick etc, but I just couldn't bring myself to put much more than pink gloss and some light eyeshadow and blush. I had no issues with glitter overdose. It was a winter recital after all! Luckiy all the other girls in her class had similar minded parents, so she wasn't begging for red lips or heavy makeup. Thank goodness.
For the dance, she did such a great job. She got distracted halfway through the number, and was just staring out at the audience while doing a reptitive plie, it was hilarious seeing her doing the same move over and over while the other kids were moving on to doing little turns etc. But then she realized she wasn't following her dance teacher, and started doing the moves later on. When the song was over, she nearly jumped for joy she was so excited by the applause, and you could tell she didn't want to get off stage cause she was the last one off and was still standing on stage as the curtains closed.
Sure enough when I went backstage to pick her up, she was fussy and kept saying she wanted to dance more. Thankfully going back into the audience, Austin greeted her with a pink bouquet of flowers (because as Naomi would say "PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!"),. That cheered her up a bit.
Then they had to go back stage again at the end of the show and take a final bow with all the other classes. I made the mistake of taking her boquet and asking Austin to hang on to them. When we got backstage and all the kids had their flowers, she was upset and kept asking for her flowers the entire time she was on stage, and didn't end up smiling at all. But honestly, not many kids were cause it was pure CHAOS with all the kids marching on stage all at once to take a bow, and all the parents rushing the stage to try and get a photo (despite the rules that no video and no photos were allowed during the show).

It was definitely chaotic, but it was so much fun. She has another recital with the daycare on Thursday evening. It'll definitely be much more laid back for everyone, so that will be a nice change in pace. But I'm already looking forward to the next ballet recital in June.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mikaela 11 months

She's reached the final month in her first year of life. 11 months. Unbelievable. She's changed so much. There are definitely times I feel like I've missed so much of her baby days. It really is true when they say that sometimes the second child gets the shaft. Naomi is so vocal about her needs that half of my time with the girls is spent catering to what Naomi needs and wants. Mikaela on the other hand, is so laid back, such a chill baby. She's content playing on her own for long periods of time. As long as she can see you, she's happy. And when she's fussy, she just needs to be held and cuddled with and she'll be content. Maybe my inability to smother her non stop has made her into an easier, laid back kid. Or maybe she's just cool the way =)

In any case, she's such an amazing kid, Austin and I are definitely lucky parents.

In her 11 month, Mikaela has gotten a lymph node infection, a random virus that made her skin break out in bright red rashes, and is pretty much a non stop leaky faucet of snot. Ah the joys of daycare.
She's growing at a slow and steady pace, at her last sick visit at the doctors, with all her clothes on, she weighed 16 lbs 2 oz.
She loves to eat. This hasn't changed. She much prefers adult food vs baby food, and often times flat out refuses to eat anything mushy. Especially when she sees us eating other things for dinner. She'll point, gesture, scream, nod, cry, until she gets a taste of what we're eating.
She loves saying hi to everyone, cracks herself up constantly by playing peek a boo with her toys, and anyone that will play with her. She loves to pass things to you, and ask for them back. She knows how to sign for "all done" She can wave bye bye, blow raspberries, and is constantly imitating the sounds and gestures that she sees other people making.
Her daycare teachers say she's so social, and she's starting to become very vocal and loud. She has a little boyfriend at school too. They follow each other around (crawling) and apparently like to rest their heads on each other. He's a younger man though, only 9 months. Total Cougar.
She sleeps through the night with no problems at all, and actually is much easier to get to sleep now than Naomi ever was. knock on wood though, cause now that' I've bragged about it, we'll probably have a month of bad sleep nights. But every night, I lay her down in her crib while she's wide awake and she just rolls over on her belly and watches me leave the room, and eventually falls asleep.
She's a total Wei when it comes to the sleeping genes too...because as early as I might put her to bed, she'll sleep in every morning. There are days when Austin will have to wake her up so that they can get to daycare on time! We are definitely lucky in the sleeping in department. It's not quite the same as pre-kids, but when we hear about parents that have to wake up everyday at 5am..phew, my weekends are really nice.
It's the last month of the year, the last month of MIkaela's "firsts" in her first year of life. I'm totally getting nostalgic now, which means it's time to end this post. Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December sick days

I've been home with the girls for two days now. I have to go back tomorrow, so Austin is taking the day to work from home. Thankfully we both have bosses that are understanding, with kids of their own, they both know how tough it is to have kids in daycare. Still it's hard, and we feel guilty, but it is what it is.
It's been a rough week for the girls though. Mikaela has swollen lymph nodes, and is on antibiotics that totally mess with her system and give her non stop diarreah. She's taking it like a champ though. i've totally enjoyed the two extra days at home with her. Other than the constant diaper changes, she's totally happy, and such a happy go lucky baby.
Naomi on the other hand has gotten the worst end of the sickness. She's had a high fever for over two days now, has a persistent cough that keeps her (and me) from sleeping at night, and ends up making her gag and then puke. She's been lethargic and just wants to lie down and sleep all day. I hate having to leave her tomorrow, but I'm glad Austin will at least be home with her. even now, at 11pm i can hear her coughing in her room. Poor girl. I hope she kicks this thing soon.