Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ahma

Happy birthday to the best mom/grandma out there!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The things they learn

We had a big developmental weekend for Naomi.

1. She's learned how to sit without support. Ok ok she's tipped over and fallen on her face a couple of times...but each day, heck, each hour, she gets stronger and stronger and can support herself better.
2. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad...we've discovered MAJOR separation anxiety issues. It couldn't come at a worse time as my mom is getting ready to head to sunny Florida, and we'll be putting Naomi in daycare for a couple of days, and Austin's mom will be coming for a couple of weeks as well. We put Naomi in Sunday school, and 5 minutes into service, my pager went off and I had to go pick her up. She was fine as soon as I got there and sat with her while she played, but as soon as I tried to leave, the waterworks and screamfest began. Things didn't improve later that night when Austin's parents and Stacey came down for the evening. She hasn't seen them in months now, and skipping out on a nap didn't help. Waterworks and screams were the highlight of the evening once again. yikes.
3. Back onto the fun stuff, Naomi imitates us more and more. Example - if you throw your hands up in the air, and yell TOUCHDOWN...she'll throw her hands up in the air and start laughing. I think originally she was throwing her hands up in the air asking to be picked up, but we decided to ignore her pleas and now she knows a new trick. haha.  Now she when Naomi sees her boyfriend/enemister Caleb, they can throw rivaling touchdown signs at each other when the Patriots beat the Giants. 

Sitting pretty

ROAR super strong baby

Naomi crying cause her grandparents are...gasp...trying to hold her

we even do "Touchdowns" at restaurants

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little toes

Naomi is starting to become a little girl instead of a teeny baby. Gone are the newborn days when we clumsily tried to hold her head up for her, and gone are the days when we could leave her lying on her playmat and expect to come back to find her in the exact same spot.
Naomi squeals and yells and babbles a lot now, especially when she sees my mom. It's pretty funny to see how she reacts to my mom just walking in the room, it's like the funniest thing just happened and she has to scream cause everything is just too funny. She's also getting to be more mobile. She can't crawl, but she can do a 360 while on her belly, and she can roll like a madman, so between these two moves, she can pretty much get to any toys that are out of reach. I mean really, who needs to crawl when you can roll.
One thing that hasn't changed much though, are her tiny feet and hands. She really has the tiniest tiniest feet. She doesn't even completely fit size 1 crib shoes. In fact, the pair of shoes I'm constantly dressing her in cause they're just oh to cute, are actually for 0-3m babies. Wonder if it's a sign that she's gonna be a shorty like me. Oh well, short and cute is so in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

7 months

Naomi turned 7 months today. Since we had the day off for MLK, we celebrated by going grocery shopping....It was so cold and had been snowing the whole day, so we bundled her up...maybe a little too much because while we were in the grocery store, her face started turning red!! She went back to normal as soon as we took her out of a couple layers to cool down. But seriously, it was so cold!!! ok maybe I'll cut back on the sweater if we use a blanket and a puffy coat.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Sunday

Today was the first day we decided to put Naomi in the Nursery at Church. I decided to stay in the nursery with her today just to make myself feel a little more comfortable. Since it was snow day, there were 4 kids in the nursery, 3 nursery volunteers, and 2 parents. haha 5 parents to 4 kids. Naomi did really well and the nursery teachers were actually telling me to go back to service, but I stayed anyway. I figure I'll start her on her own next week. I do know she's already starting to get separation/stranger anxiety. Yesterday night we went to a friend's house for dinner and their nanny volunteered to try and rock Naomi to sleep while we had dinner. Well, Naomi KNEW it wasn't mommy or daddy and screamed her lungs out for about 30 minutes before finally falling asleep. She's always been a great sleeper, so it has to be the stranger anxiety kicking in. Guess we need to be better about introducing her to new people. She'll actually be in day care for a week in February while my mom is out of town, so hopefully she'll handle herself ok then!

After church we made yet another trip to Buy Buy Baby (aka bye bye money) and blew way too much money on baby stuff - including a brand spanking new highchair for Naomi. We've been wanting this chair even before Naomi was born but held off cause it was kind of expensive. But we found our friends were still using the chairs for their 5 and 7 yr olds and loved it, so we caved in and decided to get it for Naomi. Plus, we find that she eats so much better when she's pulled all the way into the dining table with us, as opposed to pushed off in her separate high chair. The nice thing about this chair, other than the fact that it's red, is that it tucks right into the dinner table, so there aren't any separate trays or pieces to wash. It also adapts to her age, so when she's older we can lower it and it'll become a regular chair for her. We tried it out for dinner tonight, and so far, it's definitely a hit.

Friday, January 16, 2009

See object, put in mouth

Naomi's at the age where everything that she sees, has to be touched, and has to be shoved into her mouth. This has come in handy when it comes to eating. She hasn't adapted to eating solids quite yet, and after a few mouthfuls yells at me to tell me she's had enough. Recently though, I've found that if I put the spoon in her hand, she'll shove it in her mouth, and inevitably some of food goes in as well. That is usually good for another 3-4 bites before she realizes she's eating and starts yelling again.

It's also come in handy since we've started brushing her "teeth". She loves feeling the brushes on her gums. But she also loves grabbing the toothbrush, shoving it in her mouth, and even twists her hands in an effort to brush her own gums. Although I suppose you could say I'm biased, I have to say, it's very cute.

Monday, January 12, 2009

At least she won't be cold...

Naomi in her new coat. Thanks Kyu and Kat!

A day with Naomi

I had today off from work, after a busy week it was nice to be away from the office spending time with Naomi. Here are some pictures from our day.

Waiting for lunch

Little drummer girl

Reading herself her own bedtime story

Back to work tomorrow. But at least it's only a 4 day week now!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Conversations with a 6 mth old

Naomi is quickly increasing the number of "words" she can say. YES she has indeed learned to say Mama. Actually I think once I heard her even say, "Amy" and once she said "Mommy" haha I'm dead serious! ok ok maybe i'm giving her too much credit.
But despite her ever increasing list of words...she still has one favorite.

Here's how my conversation with Naomi went tonight.

Naomi: "dada dada dada dadaaaaaaaaa"
Me: "mama mama mama mamaaa mama mama"
Me: "sure kid, next time ask dada to carry you around for 9 mths, distort his body, and cause him the most excruciating pain ever!"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sick Days

Naomi rang in the new year with a 102.2 degree fever. It's been a long two days with her fever only going down for a couple hours here and there. We've been to the doctor's twice, thank goodness we have an awesome pediatrics group that is open on New Year's Day! And thank God there's nothing severely wrong with Naomi. The poor champ had to have her eyes, ears and throat checked today AND had to have blood drawn. But everything came out normal, so the doctor thinks she just has a viral infection and hopefully will feel better in a few days.
Tomorrow I'm back to work, leaving Austin and my mom to tend to Naomi, while I know she's in more than capable hands, I hate having to leave her like this!!

In other big news, she's been babbling so much these days. The other day she started saying "Dada". Even though she doesn't know what it means, it's still a cool development. And every once in awhile you may or may not hear me whispering into her ear, "Mama mama mama"

Happy New Year everyone.