Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Sunday

Today was the first day we decided to put Naomi in the Nursery at Church. I decided to stay in the nursery with her today just to make myself feel a little more comfortable. Since it was snow day, there were 4 kids in the nursery, 3 nursery volunteers, and 2 parents. haha 5 parents to 4 kids. Naomi did really well and the nursery teachers were actually telling me to go back to service, but I stayed anyway. I figure I'll start her on her own next week. I do know she's already starting to get separation/stranger anxiety. Yesterday night we went to a friend's house for dinner and their nanny volunteered to try and rock Naomi to sleep while we had dinner. Well, Naomi KNEW it wasn't mommy or daddy and screamed her lungs out for about 30 minutes before finally falling asleep. She's always been a great sleeper, so it has to be the stranger anxiety kicking in. Guess we need to be better about introducing her to new people. She'll actually be in day care for a week in February while my mom is out of town, so hopefully she'll handle herself ok then!

After church we made yet another trip to Buy Buy Baby (aka bye bye money) and blew way too much money on baby stuff - including a brand spanking new highchair for Naomi. We've been wanting this chair even before Naomi was born but held off cause it was kind of expensive. But we found our friends were still using the chairs for their 5 and 7 yr olds and loved it, so we caved in and decided to get it for Naomi. Plus, we find that she eats so much better when she's pulled all the way into the dining table with us, as opposed to pushed off in her separate high chair. The nice thing about this chair, other than the fact that it's red, is that it tucks right into the dinner table, so there aren't any separate trays or pieces to wash. It also adapts to her age, so when she's older we can lower it and it'll become a regular chair for her. We tried it out for dinner tonight, and so far, it's definitely a hit.

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