Monday, January 5, 2009

Conversations with a 6 mth old

Naomi is quickly increasing the number of "words" she can say. YES she has indeed learned to say Mama. Actually I think once I heard her even say, "Amy" and once she said "Mommy" haha I'm dead serious! ok ok maybe i'm giving her too much credit.
But despite her ever increasing list of words...she still has one favorite.

Here's how my conversation with Naomi went tonight.

Naomi: "dada dada dada dadaaaaaaaaa"
Me: "mama mama mama mamaaa mama mama"
Me: "sure kid, next time ask dada to carry you around for 9 mths, distort his body, and cause him the most excruciating pain ever!"


Austin Wei said...

No thank you....Naomi...say momma!

Lo said...

ha ha she is SO CUTE!!!
say "thank you momma!" =P