Monday, January 19, 2009

7 months

Naomi turned 7 months today. Since we had the day off for MLK, we celebrated by going grocery shopping....It was so cold and had been snowing the whole day, so we bundled her up...maybe a little too much because while we were in the grocery store, her face started turning red!! She went back to normal as soon as we took her out of a couple layers to cool down. But seriously, it was so cold!!! ok maybe I'll cut back on the sweater if we use a blanket and a puffy coat.


Shari said...

Better being more bundled up than not!

swei said...

awww. i just want to snuggle up with her in there.

Lo said...

ha ha poor girl. caleb would've been screaming his head off! you could dress her in less and put a blanket or two over her when you're outside/in the car!