Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sick Days

Naomi rang in the new year with a 102.2 degree fever. It's been a long two days with her fever only going down for a couple hours here and there. We've been to the doctor's twice, thank goodness we have an awesome pediatrics group that is open on New Year's Day! And thank God there's nothing severely wrong with Naomi. The poor champ had to have her eyes, ears and throat checked today AND had to have blood drawn. But everything came out normal, so the doctor thinks she just has a viral infection and hopefully will feel better in a few days.
Tomorrow I'm back to work, leaving Austin and my mom to tend to Naomi, while I know she's in more than capable hands, I hate having to leave her like this!!

In other big news, she's been babbling so much these days. The other day she started saying "Dada". Even though she doesn't know what it means, it's still a cool development. And every once in awhile you may or may not hear me whispering into her ear, "Mama mama mama"

Happy New Year everyone.


mom said...

now u are really a mother but u will get used to it and find that things will always right itself and worry will not help. naomi will get well in a couple of days and she will be shreiking and giggling to you again. remember the sun always shine after the cloudy days.

Laura said...

Aw, I hope she's feeling better now! Hey, which pic did you end up using on the Christmas card??

Lo said...

aw no!! poor naomi! =(
man, why do babies always say dada or baba first?! i only get a "mmmmmaaa" when he's screaming in his crib!