Monday, January 26, 2009

The things they learn

We had a big developmental weekend for Naomi.

1. She's learned how to sit without support. Ok ok she's tipped over and fallen on her face a couple of times...but each day, heck, each hour, she gets stronger and stronger and can support herself better.
2. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad...we've discovered MAJOR separation anxiety issues. It couldn't come at a worse time as my mom is getting ready to head to sunny Florida, and we'll be putting Naomi in daycare for a couple of days, and Austin's mom will be coming for a couple of weeks as well. We put Naomi in Sunday school, and 5 minutes into service, my pager went off and I had to go pick her up. She was fine as soon as I got there and sat with her while she played, but as soon as I tried to leave, the waterworks and screamfest began. Things didn't improve later that night when Austin's parents and Stacey came down for the evening. She hasn't seen them in months now, and skipping out on a nap didn't help. Waterworks and screams were the highlight of the evening once again. yikes.
3. Back onto the fun stuff, Naomi imitates us more and more. Example - if you throw your hands up in the air, and yell TOUCHDOWN...she'll throw her hands up in the air and start laughing. I think originally she was throwing her hands up in the air asking to be picked up, but we decided to ignore her pleas and now she knows a new trick. haha.  Now she when Naomi sees her boyfriend/enemister Caleb, they can throw rivaling touchdown signs at each other when the Patriots beat the Giants. 

Sitting pretty

ROAR super strong baby

Naomi crying cause her grandparents are...gasp...trying to hold her

we even do "Touchdowns" at restaurants

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Shari said...

So cute! I love those touchdown poses. =)