Sunday, November 27, 2011

Silly girls

Naomi and Alli, two silly 3 year olds, frenemies and best friends.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!! Love, the Wei's

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.

That is my grocery cart after hitting the store this afternoon. It was so heavy I could barely push it. Oh and by the way, the actual turkey wasn't even in there.
It's the first thanksgiving since Austin and I have been married, that my parents aren't here to celebrate with us. They decided to head down to Florida ahead of the holidays, so we are left to fend for ourselves. My parents normally do all the grocery shopping, AND my dad cooks the turkey (may I say the best turkey ever). We're still hosting Thanksgiving without them, so the grocery shopping and cooking rests on my shoulders. Hopefully I don't burn the bird! Needless to say, I'm definitely missing having my parents here to celebrate with us. We've definitely been spoiled having someone else take care of all the prep work, not to mention, Thanksgiving groceries are EXPENSIVE!

Anyway, wish me luck everyone. I'm taking Wednesday off to do some major prep work.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mikaela 10 months

Mikaela turned 10 months on Monday. She's now officially spent more time outside in the world than she did in utero. Ok. Maybe tmi. But yes, it's true. Pregnancy is closer to 10 months than it is 9. 40 wks. ppl. Except for my kids like to hang around a little longer until they were evicted with drugs. So try 40wks and then some.

After spending all of October at home with my parents out of daycare, Mikaela has quickly adjusted back to life as a daycare kid. It was a rough first week back (not to mention her first week back at daycare was the week we had no power and were staying with friends, a good 30 mins away from the center). Her teachers all tell me she's quite the social butterfly. She is always smiling, waving "bye bye" and "hi" to everyone. She babbles all day long, and really does have such a sweet little girly voice. She is still incredibly cuddly. So much so that the teachers at the center all sneak into the infant classroom (Mikaela's class) to take turns holding her during their lunch breaks.
She's still super petite, but lets face it, I'm not really expecting that to change. She can crawl on all fours, no more army crawling on her belly. She's super fast too. She can also climb up steps with ease now. She's able to cruise with no problem, and has even managed to stand for a few seconds unassisted.
We had it easy when it came to babyproofing our place with Naomi. While she was curious about drawers, cabinets etc, she was pretty easy to distract. And once she learned something was off limits, she didn't really try to push her limits much. Mikaela on the other hand, is stubborn. She'll cry if you take away her "toys" and is not easily consolable. It definitely has had me thinking "should i give her this potentially life threatening plastic bag back so she'll stop crying!!!" She's strong too, especially considering how little she is. She can open every single drawer in our kitchen, and she's already figured out which cabinets have loosened baby locks so she can pry them open.
She's eating more and more table food and is starting to get picky when it comes to eating baby food. She much prefers homecooked babyfood as opposed to anything out of a jar. She loves tofu and pasta as well as cheerios and teething biscuits. She has the biggest sweet tooth, speaking of which, she has 4 teeth fully grown in.
She is mostly down to 2 long naps, although at daycare she sometimes takes 3 shorter ones.
She laughs a lot, and often times just sits around cracking herself up. And as usual, Naomi is her favorite person who can make her laugh all day long.
She is really such a great kid, it's hard to only get an hour with her on work nights. Somedays I feel like I'm missing all of her milestones. Thankfully, she doesn't seem to mind, as soon as she sees me enter the baby room at school, she starts smiling, drops whatever she's doing and crawls as fast as she can straight into my arms. Definitely one of the best parts of my day!

Harajuku then and now

I'm a huge Gwen Stefani fan. Ever since highschool when No Doubt was still around, I was obsessed with her awesome voice, funky style, killer abs, bleached blonde hair, blood red lipstick...she was definitely my girl crush. So of course I'm a huge fan of her Harajuku line. When I was pregnant with Naomi, one of the first things I bought for the soon to be baby girl Wei was a Harajuku onesie. See her modelling the onesie below (incidently she's 9mths old in this month younger than Mikaela is now). Super cute right? Mikaela rocks this onesie now too.
From Naomi 10 months

Naomi at 9 months wearing Harajuku Kids

On Sunday, the Harajuku Mini for Target line launched, so needless to say, after church I dragged the family to Target so I could swoop in and buy some of the new line. Gwen Stefani did not dissapoint, although the quality isn't stellar, the designs of some of the pieces are super cute. And for Naomi, the frillier and poufier the skirt on a dress is, the better. So it wasn't hard to convince her to put on one of her new dresses today. You can't see it in this pic, but, there are layers of skirt and tulle on this's definitely not a normal everyday dress, but for miss fancy pants naomi, it'll do just fine.

Naomi at 3 1/2 wearing Harajuku Mini for Target

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'll always remember Halloween of 2011. Yes, it was Mikaela's first time trick or treating. It was the first time we've gone with two kids. It was the first time we got to do a "joint" costume, the girls dressed up as Lilo and Stitch.
But it was also the first time we got to go trick or treating 3 times, with one of them being in November. Due to the power outage, and us being displaced for a week, the girls has the good fortune to be able to go trick or treating at school (we arrived late and missed the parade, and Mikaela slept through the entire thing anyway), trick or treating in Glen Rock with our friends and trick or treating on Nov 4th when we finally got to go home and our town celebrated the rescheduled affair.
It was so much fun. Naomi totally came out of her shell and for the first time understood what it was all about. Mikaela had a blast looking at everyone, and everyone thought she was a boy..of course she WAS dressed up in a boy's costume, and by the end of the night we weren't correcting anyone..just mumbling "poor mikaela" (I made up for it by dressing her in the frilliest, girliest outfits for the next 2 days).
It was definitely a halloween to remember. Here are a few shots we've finally managed to upload.

From Halloween 2011

Asleep for day care's "Trunk or Treat"

From Halloween 2011

A preschool full of Disney Princess obsessed girls

From Halloween 2011

Cutest alien ever

From Halloween 2011

The dynamic duo Lilo and Stitch. Seriously so had to get a shot of them together

From Halloween 2011

Trick or Treating in Glen Rock...snow on the ground

From Halloween 2011

First time trick or treating

From Halloween 2011

From Halloween 2011

From Halloween 2011

First treat

From Halloween 2011

Flying Stitch

From Halloween 2011

The whole gang

From Halloween 2011

The last hurrah - Trick or treating at November

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last weekend we got hit with a bad snow storm that left us power less for a week. Yes, a snowstorm at the end of October. Go figure. Thankfully, our good friends hosted us for the entire week. It was tiring having to go back and forth from their house to daycare, to work, and to ours to get more clothes etc. But we're thankful for such great friendships, that all we went through was some displacement and lost power with no damage or injuries, and all in all it really was a great time spent with friends. Naomi had a blast with the older kids, and even had "sleepovers" with them, refusing to sleep with Austin, Mikaela and I. We had home cooked meals every night after work, and good company and drinks after the kids all went to sleep.

Naomi and Mikaela ended up getting to celebrate Halloween 3 times. Once at daycare, once in our friends town, and once in Nutley, since our town was in a state of emergency, they postponed all Halloween festivities until November 4th. So on Friday, Austin and I booked it home so we could take the girls trick or treating, Naomi made out like a bandit, and everyone thought poor Mikaela was a boy (it didn't help that we had her dressed up as Stitch from Disney's Lilo and stitch, and that after awhle, we stopped correcting people).

We had a blast, spent this weekend recuperating and catching up on laundry, and restocking our now empty fridge. It was and exciting week, but we are definitely glad to be home.

PIctures to come from our triple halloween fest!


Naomi and Austin were trying to get a movie started using Austin's Apple TV. Something wasn't loading right, so Austin was fiddling around with the TV.

Naomi: "I KNOW Daddy. Maybe Jesus can help us turn on the TV".

(note: she did just learn about Jesus and the parting of the red sea earlier in sunday school....with Jesus ALL things are indeed possible....she did get to watch her movie afterall).