Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last weekend we got hit with a bad snow storm that left us power less for a week. Yes, a snowstorm at the end of October. Go figure. Thankfully, our good friends hosted us for the entire week. It was tiring having to go back and forth from their house to daycare, to work, and to ours to get more clothes etc. But we're thankful for such great friendships, that all we went through was some displacement and lost power with no damage or injuries, and all in all it really was a great time spent with friends. Naomi had a blast with the older kids, and even had "sleepovers" with them, refusing to sleep with Austin, Mikaela and I. We had home cooked meals every night after work, and good company and drinks after the kids all went to sleep.

Naomi and Mikaela ended up getting to celebrate Halloween 3 times. Once at daycare, once in our friends town, and once in Nutley, since our town was in a state of emergency, they postponed all Halloween festivities until November 4th. So on Friday, Austin and I booked it home so we could take the girls trick or treating, Naomi made out like a bandit, and everyone thought poor Mikaela was a boy (it didn't help that we had her dressed up as Stitch from Disney's Lilo and stitch, and that after awhle, we stopped correcting people).

We had a blast, spent this weekend recuperating and catching up on laundry, and restocking our now empty fridge. It was and exciting week, but we are definitely glad to be home.

PIctures to come from our triple halloween fest!

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