Sunday, May 13, 2012

We've Moved!!!

Hi Folks Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there!! We're spending the day at home since Naomi has been sick, but I wanted to let you all know that as of today, will be retired. BUT WAIT Before you get too sad (all 10 of you who read this), we've moved to That's right, Mikaela finally gets in on the fun. The new blog site is courtesy of the most amazing husband ever, and is part of the many many mother's day gifts I got this year. Anyway, head on over, all the old posts have already been moved over, and Austin has already uploaded two new mother's days posts, including one of Naomi get on over there!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hot hot hot

Whenever I see the girl's daycare on my caller id, I literally hold my breath waiting to hear what they have to tell me. Today I got the dreaded call informing me that Mikaela had a fever of 101.6. I left work early to pick both girls up and make a stop by the doctors. When the nurse took Mikaela's temperature, she was running a fever of 104.3. HOT. Seems like she has another virus which we'll have to wait out. Poor girl.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mikaela 15 months

Mikaela turned 15 months 3 wks ago. I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with these monthly updates. Second child syndrome at its best. It’s so bad, that I actually forgot she had to get a 15 month well check up at the pediatricians and was due for shots. The only reason I remembered was because while she was sick (yet again) and at the doctor’s office, the nurse informed us that she was overdue for her shots. Oh well. She got them done.

Mikaela is really starting to become her own person now, and what a person she is becoming. She is going to be headstrong, stubborn and intelligent. She catches on to things so quickly, loves mimicking, and is frighteningly good a mimicking. She’s quick to catch on to little games and is incredibly playful. But watch out cause she knows what she wants and if she doesn’t get it, in a blink of an eye she can morph from an incredibly happy, cute, baby, into the fussiest, loudest, most annoying and terribly annoying screaming mess. 

Mikaela is starting to become a challenge at meal times. She’s becoming extremely picky and would rather go hungry than eat foods she doesn’t like. Which is basically anything healthy. But give her anything sweet, or any kind of junk food, and she could out eat most adults. She has low tolerance for her high chair, and has recently stopped being able to make it through an entire meal in her high chair while we’re out at restaurants. The meal usually ends with Austin holding her in his lap, trying to eat one handed.

 She’s getting better at walking. She still won’t walk unassisted, although she’s fully capable of doing so. If she just barely touches your fingers, she can walk all over the place. She definitely is the fastest crawler out there though. I bet she could pretty much win any crawling race. Maybe because she’s so little for her age.

Her vocabulary is incredible. Even our pediatrician is impressed. Maybe it’s one of the benefits of beinga second child. Her sign language is pretty much non existent though. She can sign for “more” and “please”.

 Words she knows:
NO – this is clearly her favorite word. She says no all day long.
Nay-Nay – what she calls Naomi - her second favorite word
Milk – really sounds more like Mol since she can’t prounounce her K’s
Mommy – mommy previously meant “more” to her. Now “more” means “more” and “Mommy” is what she calls Austin. Go figure.
Thank you – cutest thing ever, sounds like Dank choo
Please – Pease
Bye Bye
 Elmo – another favorite word of hers

She’s also developed quite a case of stranger anxiety, when it comes to girls that is. She’s quick to warm up to our guy friends, but usually cries, fusses or makes mean faces at most women that try to go near her that she’s not familiar with.

 She’s is daddys’ girl right now, preferring him to anyone else. I come in second place, but I’m ok with that. She still drops everything and screams out “MOMMY” (the only time she calls me mommy, because remember, Mommy really means Daddy) as soon as she sees me at Daycare pickup. She’ll crawl with lightening speed and demand to be picked up. Definitely one of the best parts of my day.

Though she basically runs the show in our household, she’s still teeny tiny. Here are her 15 month stats: Weight: 17 lbs 12 oz (6th %) Height: 28 ¾ inches (4th %) Head circumference: 45.5cm (42nd %)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Feeling's Mutual

I am always writing about how much Mikaela adores Naomi, how Naomi has a way of getting her to calm down when she’s upset, or how excited MIkaela gets whenever she sees Naomi. This is still true. Mikaela calls Naomi “Nay Nay” now. At school, her teachers say she’s always crawling around asking for her Nay Nay, and when you ask her If she wants to go find Naomi, she’ll nod her head enthusiastically and say, “ Nay Nay” over and over again. It’s really cute. What I haven’t really mentioned is how much Naomi loves MIkaela. She’s a really good big sister. When Mikaela is upset, Naomi will go to her and try and make her laugh, or give her a hug and comfort her. She insists on giving her a hug and kiss everynight before we put Mikaela to bed. To a point, she’ll share her toys and try and play with her. Mikaela is the only person Naomi will give her mi-mi to (her lambie comfort blanket), although it is on rare occasion that mi-mi is released from Naomi’s clutches. I didn’t realize how Naomi relies on Mikaela for comfort just as Mikaela does Naomi. Yesterday, Naomi had a rough day at school. She got into a couple of temper tantrums at school, got into a fight with her best friend, and just as I was walking in had finished up getting upset at some friends who weren’t “sharing” with her. (sometimes Naomi’s definition of “sharing” is quite suspect). As I walked into Naomi’s classroom, with Mikaela in my arms, I could see her face was all splotchy, and she was holding her teacher’s hand, asking her if she could go visit her baby Mikaela. When she saw us, she immediately ran to us and gave Mikaela a hug. Later that night when I asked her why she wanted to see Mikaela, she told me it was because she was having a hard day and seeing Mikaela would cheer her up.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Mozart

A few weekends ago, we took Naomi to a music school so she could take a trial "Little Mozart" class. It's a music class geared towards getting kids ready for piano. Her class would be specially catered for 3-4 year olds. There was only one other girl in the trial class, so Naomi got a lot of one on one time. She really enjoyed it and kept talking about all the things she learned, (proper positioning of her fingers on the keys, high and low notes, etc). For a week straight she asked for us to sign her up, so I we decided we'd give it a shot. It's only for 10 wks, so if after the 10 wks we think it's too much, we can always stop and wait awhile. But now she's going to be a busy bee with ballet at 9:30 and Music class at 11 on Saturdays. Plus she has a music and movement class and a dance class while she's at daycare. You'd think we were trying to raise a prima donna here. (maybe we are!)

Almost walking.

Mikaela is ALMOST walking. On Saturday, she took two steps without holding on to anything. I was right next to her, and of course didn't see it.
But she can go from a sitting position to a standing position without holding on to anything. The first time she did that was in the morning with Austin and Naomi. They were so excited, and she started clapping and smiling. Then she sat back down and did it again just for kicks, the whole time with a huge smile on her face.
Now, she can easily walk if she's holding on to something or someone's hand. She doesn't really use it for support, but more of a security/comfort thing. As soon as you take your hand away, she'll squat back down and start crawling.
But seriously folks. Any day now and she'll be walking on her own.

Monday, April 9, 2012