Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rough Patches

Following the Thanksgiving holiday we've had some rough patches while getting Naomi ready in the morning. On Friday, the markets were open, so I worked a half day in the office. I brought Naomi in to the office with me since it's generally a pretty kid friendly day. In the office auditorium they showed Toy Story 3 and How to Train a Dragon, not a coincidence that these are two of Naomi's favorite movies since we brought them in for the viewing =)
Apparently she had a good time because every day since Friday, she's been talking about how she'll go to work with me from now on. She was completely devastated to find out on Monday morning that I had already left for work and instead she'd be going to daycare. On top of that, Austin started his new job yesterday, which requires them to leave the house an hour earlier, so our poor girl who likes to sleep in til 8 or later on weekdays (she's an early riser on weekends go figure) had to be woken up much earlier than she was used to.
When Austin woke her up, she was so upset she wouldn't get out of bed, refused to drink her milk, (her absolute favorite thing to eat/drink is warm milk, she asks for it ALL the time, so much so that we have to limit how much she drinks to make sure she gets enough nutrients from other meals), refused to get changed, and just cried and cried. They ended up calling me at the office, and it broke my heart to hear her little tearful voice crying, and telling me she wants to go to work to see me. They did eventually make it out the door, and Austin made it to his first day of work on time, but we both hoped yesterday would be a one day event and Naomi would be back to normal today.
A call at 7:13 this morning proved that we hadn't gotten our wish. Naomi was devastated yet again. Despite my talk with her before she fell asleep, despite me explaining to her that she has to go to school to play with her friends, and mommy has to go to work, but we'd see each other in the afternoon. She was crying and pleading to go to work with me again, and only seemed to be consoled after we suggested she look at some pictures of Mommy and Naomi on daddy's Iphone. She still hadn't gotten out of bed and was refusing to drink her milk and get changed yet again. It was already 7:13 when they called..and they have to be out the door by 7:30. Hopefully they make it!!
Hopefully we'll be back to normal in a couple of days...of course then it'll be the weekend again and we'll have to start all over again come Monday morning.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ready for some Turkey

Alli and Naomi are ready to get some Turkey in their belly!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Naomi Can't Wait to Meet Her Little Sister

7 and a half weeks and counting...

Angelina Ballerina

Two weekends ago we had the chance to go watch Angelina Ballerina the Musical thanks to our friend Noelle who scored us comp tickets through her company. Since she's seen "Yo Gabba Gabba Live", Naomi understood ahead of time what it was going to be like to see Angelina "in person" and she was incredibly excited. Donned with her mouse ears, (and a new wand and Angelina doll picked up from the show), she had a blast watching all the characters live on stage. It was so cute seeing all the little girls in the audience dancing and singing along. We had such a great time.

Thank you Noelle!!

From Naomi 28 months

From Naomi 28 months

From Naomi 28 months

From Naomi 28 months

From Naomi 28 months

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1, 2, 3.....19, 20, GO

I dont know which is funnier. The fact that she has to count to 20 before saying "go" or the fact that between 11-20, the numbers get a little hazy...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Naomi: Hey mommy, watch my booty shake! (then proceeded to wiggle her butt at me in beat to the music austin was playing on his iphone)

Busy busy, busy, sick, sick, sick

Sorry for the lack of postings! Two weekends ago, I had a fabulous mommy/daughter weekend planned while Austin went on a business conference to Atlanta. As luck would have it, Naomi ended up getting a nasty virus the day before Austin left, and we ended up staying home with Naomi having a fever of 104.5 for almost 4 straight days. Numerous phone calls and a trip to the doctor confirmed she just had a nasty virus, but it was definitely exhausting and I found myself going through days without sleep as I tried to rock, hold and soothe the poor baby.
I'm sooo lucky for family and friends though. Austin and I decided we definitely have the best siblings in the world. Stacey drove out Saturday morning to hang out with us for the weekend, and ended up helping me Sunday morning when Austin left. Chris came over Sunday afternoon and spent the night and was a life saver by taking care of Naomi Monday morning so I could get a couple hours of shut eye in. Fritz my forever doctor on call obviously helped calm me down when I was freaking out over how hot Naomi had gotten, and he had the brains to call Kathy, our friend in town who helped perform miracles by brining over more medicine for Naomi, juice which helped the medicine go down, and even cooking dinner for me when I was too exhausted to even think about food! So thank you so much everyone for being so wonderful and taking care of us weak/sick Wei women!
Naomi was ok and back to school the following Wednesday, but I could definitely feel myself coming down with something and was just completely exhausted. I kept thinking it was just the lack of sleep and of course being in my third trimester and all...but finally Monday night I completely passed out on the couch only to wake up with a super sore throat and bad cough. I called out sick yesterday, went to the doctors and was told I had a really infected throat with lots of "gunk" in there (yea real medical terminology here). So I'm out for the rest of the week on the doctors advise cause a women in her 32nd week of pregnancy apparently needs more time to recoup, and in general shouldn't be working 12-13 hrs a day! (doctor's words not mine, though I wholeheartedly agree).
So yup that's my reason for not posting more. We've done tons of stuff in between though, like watching Angelina Ballerina the Musical, attending my own surprise Baby Sprinkle, our failed attempts at christmas card photo shoots, yada yada. so I promise to be back with more posts soon. In the mean time it's back to bed!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Burberry for kids!?

How cute are these boots! And only a small $125. I guess I've spent money on even worse in my life....but sorry Naomi no Burberry boots for you.