Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy busy, busy, sick, sick, sick

Sorry for the lack of postings! Two weekends ago, I had a fabulous mommy/daughter weekend planned while Austin went on a business conference to Atlanta. As luck would have it, Naomi ended up getting a nasty virus the day before Austin left, and we ended up staying home with Naomi having a fever of 104.5 for almost 4 straight days. Numerous phone calls and a trip to the doctor confirmed she just had a nasty virus, but it was definitely exhausting and I found myself going through days without sleep as I tried to rock, hold and soothe the poor baby.
I'm sooo lucky for family and friends though. Austin and I decided we definitely have the best siblings in the world. Stacey drove out Saturday morning to hang out with us for the weekend, and ended up helping me Sunday morning when Austin left. Chris came over Sunday afternoon and spent the night and was a life saver by taking care of Naomi Monday morning so I could get a couple hours of shut eye in. Fritz my forever doctor on call obviously helped calm me down when I was freaking out over how hot Naomi had gotten, and he had the brains to call Kathy, our friend in town who helped perform miracles by brining over more medicine for Naomi, juice which helped the medicine go down, and even cooking dinner for me when I was too exhausted to even think about food! So thank you so much everyone for being so wonderful and taking care of us weak/sick Wei women!
Naomi was ok and back to school the following Wednesday, but I could definitely feel myself coming down with something and was just completely exhausted. I kept thinking it was just the lack of sleep and of course being in my third trimester and all...but finally Monday night I completely passed out on the couch only to wake up with a super sore throat and bad cough. I called out sick yesterday, went to the doctors and was told I had a really infected throat with lots of "gunk" in there (yea real medical terminology here). So I'm out for the rest of the week on the doctors advise cause a women in her 32nd week of pregnancy apparently needs more time to recoup, and in general shouldn't be working 12-13 hrs a day! (doctor's words not mine, though I wholeheartedly agree).
So yup that's my reason for not posting more. We've done tons of stuff in between though, like watching Angelina Ballerina the Musical, attending my own surprise Baby Sprinkle, our failed attempts at christmas card photo shoots, yada yada. so I promise to be back with more posts soon. In the mean time it's back to bed!

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