Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost walking.

Mikaela is ALMOST walking. On Saturday, she took two steps without holding on to anything. I was right next to her, and of course didn't see it.
But she can go from a sitting position to a standing position without holding on to anything. The first time she did that was in the morning with Austin and Naomi. They were so excited, and she started clapping and smiling. Then she sat back down and did it again just for kicks, the whole time with a huge smile on her face.
Now, she can easily walk if she's holding on to something or someone's hand. She doesn't really use it for support, but more of a security/comfort thing. As soon as you take your hand away, she'll squat back down and start crawling.
But seriously folks. Any day now and she'll be walking on her own.

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