Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Feeling's Mutual

I am always writing about how much Mikaela adores Naomi, how Naomi has a way of getting her to calm down when she’s upset, or how excited MIkaela gets whenever she sees Naomi. This is still true. Mikaela calls Naomi “Nay Nay” now. At school, her teachers say she’s always crawling around asking for her Nay Nay, and when you ask her If she wants to go find Naomi, she’ll nod her head enthusiastically and say, “ Nay Nay” over and over again. It’s really cute. What I haven’t really mentioned is how much Naomi loves MIkaela. She’s a really good big sister. When Mikaela is upset, Naomi will go to her and try and make her laugh, or give her a hug and comfort her. She insists on giving her a hug and kiss everynight before we put Mikaela to bed. To a point, she’ll share her toys and try and play with her. Mikaela is the only person Naomi will give her mi-mi to (her lambie comfort blanket), although it is on rare occasion that mi-mi is released from Naomi’s clutches. I didn’t realize how Naomi relies on Mikaela for comfort just as Mikaela does Naomi. Yesterday, Naomi had a rough day at school. She got into a couple of temper tantrums at school, got into a fight with her best friend, and just as I was walking in had finished up getting upset at some friends who weren’t “sharing” with her. (sometimes Naomi’s definition of “sharing” is quite suspect). As I walked into Naomi’s classroom, with Mikaela in my arms, I could see her face was all splotchy, and she was holding her teacher’s hand, asking her if she could go visit her baby Mikaela. When she saw us, she immediately ran to us and gave Mikaela a hug. Later that night when I asked her why she wanted to see Mikaela, she told me it was because she was having a hard day and seeing Mikaela would cheer her up.

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swei said...

Aww. MISS THEM BOTH! And you guys of course too :)