Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harajuku then and now

I'm a huge Gwen Stefani fan. Ever since highschool when No Doubt was still around, I was obsessed with her awesome voice, funky style, killer abs, bleached blonde hair, blood red lipstick...she was definitely my girl crush. So of course I'm a huge fan of her Harajuku line. When I was pregnant with Naomi, one of the first things I bought for the soon to be baby girl Wei was a Harajuku onesie. See her modelling the onesie below (incidently she's 9mths old in this pic...one month younger than Mikaela is now). Super cute right? Mikaela rocks this onesie now too.
From Naomi 10 months

Naomi at 9 months wearing Harajuku Kids

On Sunday, the Harajuku Mini for Target line launched, so needless to say, after church I dragged the family to Target so I could swoop in and buy some of the new line. Gwen Stefani did not dissapoint, although the quality isn't stellar, the designs of some of the pieces are super cute. And for Naomi, the frillier and poufier the skirt on a dress is, the better. So it wasn't hard to convince her to put on one of her new dresses today. You can't see it in this pic, but, there are layers of skirt and tulle on this outfit...it's definitely not a normal everyday dress, but for miss fancy pants naomi, it'll do just fine.

Naomi at 3 1/2 wearing Harajuku Mini for Target

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