Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little toes

Naomi is starting to become a little girl instead of a teeny baby. Gone are the newborn days when we clumsily tried to hold her head up for her, and gone are the days when we could leave her lying on her playmat and expect to come back to find her in the exact same spot.
Naomi squeals and yells and babbles a lot now, especially when she sees my mom. It's pretty funny to see how she reacts to my mom just walking in the room, it's like the funniest thing just happened and she has to scream cause everything is just too funny. She's also getting to be more mobile. She can't crawl, but she can do a 360 while on her belly, and she can roll like a madman, so between these two moves, she can pretty much get to any toys that are out of reach. I mean really, who needs to crawl when you can roll.
One thing that hasn't changed much though, are her tiny feet and hands. She really has the tiniest tiniest feet. She doesn't even completely fit size 1 crib shoes. In fact, the pair of shoes I'm constantly dressing her in cause they're just oh to cute, are actually for 0-3m babies. Wonder if it's a sign that she's gonna be a shorty like me. Oh well, short and cute is so in.

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