Friday, January 16, 2009

See object, put in mouth

Naomi's at the age where everything that she sees, has to be touched, and has to be shoved into her mouth. This has come in handy when it comes to eating. She hasn't adapted to eating solids quite yet, and after a few mouthfuls yells at me to tell me she's had enough. Recently though, I've found that if I put the spoon in her hand, she'll shove it in her mouth, and inevitably some of food goes in as well. That is usually good for another 3-4 bites before she realizes she's eating and starts yelling again.

It's also come in handy since we've started brushing her "teeth". She loves feeling the brushes on her gums. But she also loves grabbing the toothbrush, shoving it in her mouth, and even twists her hands in an effort to brush her own gums. Although I suppose you could say I'm biased, I have to say, it's very cute.


Shari said...

So cute! Love the hair. I like reading about Naomi, not only for the cute pics, but it prepares me with how my niece Chloe will be in a few months.

mom said...

oh,she just wave bye bye at me, quick, where's the camera?i really did not expect that!!! so doubly cute.