Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mikaela 11 months

She's reached the final month in her first year of life. 11 months. Unbelievable. She's changed so much. There are definitely times I feel like I've missed so much of her baby days. It really is true when they say that sometimes the second child gets the shaft. Naomi is so vocal about her needs that half of my time with the girls is spent catering to what Naomi needs and wants. Mikaela on the other hand, is so laid back, such a chill baby. She's content playing on her own for long periods of time. As long as she can see you, she's happy. And when she's fussy, she just needs to be held and cuddled with and she'll be content. Maybe my inability to smother her non stop has made her into an easier, laid back kid. Or maybe she's just cool the way =)

In any case, she's such an amazing kid, Austin and I are definitely lucky parents.

In her 11 month, Mikaela has gotten a lymph node infection, a random virus that made her skin break out in bright red rashes, and is pretty much a non stop leaky faucet of snot. Ah the joys of daycare.
She's growing at a slow and steady pace, at her last sick visit at the doctors, with all her clothes on, she weighed 16 lbs 2 oz.
She loves to eat. This hasn't changed. She much prefers adult food vs baby food, and often times flat out refuses to eat anything mushy. Especially when she sees us eating other things for dinner. She'll point, gesture, scream, nod, cry, until she gets a taste of what we're eating.
She loves saying hi to everyone, cracks herself up constantly by playing peek a boo with her toys, and anyone that will play with her. She loves to pass things to you, and ask for them back. She knows how to sign for "all done" She can wave bye bye, blow raspberries, and is constantly imitating the sounds and gestures that she sees other people making.
Her daycare teachers say she's so social, and she's starting to become very vocal and loud. She has a little boyfriend at school too. They follow each other around (crawling) and apparently like to rest their heads on each other. He's a younger man though, only 9 months. Total Cougar.
She sleeps through the night with no problems at all, and actually is much easier to get to sleep now than Naomi ever was. knock on wood though, cause now that' I've bragged about it, we'll probably have a month of bad sleep nights. But every night, I lay her down in her crib while she's wide awake and she just rolls over on her belly and watches me leave the room, and eventually falls asleep.
She's a total Wei when it comes to the sleeping genes too...because as early as I might put her to bed, she'll sleep in every morning. There are days when Austin will have to wake her up so that they can get to daycare on time! We are definitely lucky in the sleeping in department. It's not quite the same as pre-kids, but when we hear about parents that have to wake up everyday at 5am..phew, my weekends are really nice.
It's the last month of the year, the last month of MIkaela's "firsts" in her first year of life. I'm totally getting nostalgic now, which means it's time to end this post. Happy weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Go Mikaela go!!! We just can't wait to see you start walking and running. Go for it babe!!! We miss u so much!!!