Thursday, December 8, 2011

December sick days

I've been home with the girls for two days now. I have to go back tomorrow, so Austin is taking the day to work from home. Thankfully we both have bosses that are understanding, with kids of their own, they both know how tough it is to have kids in daycare. Still it's hard, and we feel guilty, but it is what it is.
It's been a rough week for the girls though. Mikaela has swollen lymph nodes, and is on antibiotics that totally mess with her system and give her non stop diarreah. She's taking it like a champ though. i've totally enjoyed the two extra days at home with her. Other than the constant diaper changes, she's totally happy, and such a happy go lucky baby.
Naomi on the other hand has gotten the worst end of the sickness. She's had a high fever for over two days now, has a persistent cough that keeps her (and me) from sleeping at night, and ends up making her gag and then puke. She's been lethargic and just wants to lie down and sleep all day. I hate having to leave her tomorrow, but I'm glad Austin will at least be home with her. even now, at 11pm i can hear her coughing in her room. Poor girl. I hope she kicks this thing soon.

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