Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair days

Haven't had time to post in awhile, after being sick for what seems like forever, Naomi and I are finally feeling better. Naomi turned 8 mths last week. Some new developments from this past month.

- Went to daycare for 4 days - hated it, got sick and said she wasn't going back (jk we're not starting her full time yet)
- Started nursery at church. Hated it, but they feed her cheerios there, so she's starting to warm up.
- sits in a highchair at restaurants
- Started eating cheerios, can't figure out how to feed them to herself yet, so she grunts when she wants more.
- Moves from sitting to her belly, with only the occasional face plant.
- still prefers to say Dadada no matter what, but occasionally says, guh-guh (which means big brother in chinese...too bad kid, siblings dont work that way), bwahh, yaya, and on the very rare occasion, mama.
- has 4 teeth now
- Started moving towards only 2 naps a day.

and of course, everyone's favorite, the hair. it's still growing right down the middle. On some days it looks like a skunk. Some days a mohawk, and a friend told me today she looks like Morrissey! hah


Laura said...

I love the hair! She's so cute!!

Lo said...

ha ha i love her hair - i can't wait to see it in june! she should do a full-out mohawk for joe's wedding!
and yay for cheerios at church! =)