Monday, February 9, 2009

Carrier Monkeys part deux

Naomi is slowly getting better, no more fever, just a nasty runny nose and cough. But now I'm sick as well. On Friday night I felt myself coming down with something, and as soon as we put Naomi to sleep, I pretty much conked out as well. After an amazing 13 hours of sleep (who would have thought I'd get that anytime in Naomi's first 18 yrs of life), I was still pretty beat. I've spent the entire weekend sleeping, taking tylenol, eating and sleeping. Pretty pathetic start to my week off from work! Austin thankfully hasn't caught it, although he's been really tired too, hopefully it's just exhaustion from work, and now from taking care of his "two sick girls" as he says. I say, "damn daycare".

1 comment:

Lo said...

1) Aww, boo that you got sick too! Poor Naomi and you ... and probably poor Austin, ha ha.
2) DANG I can't believe Naomi let you sleep for 13 hours!!!! Aaauuuggghhh I just want 8! is that too much to ask?!?!?! =P