Monday, February 2, 2009


Day 1 done!  Yes yes all you experienced parents were right.  It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  

Regardless, it was still an exhausting day for all 3 of us.  Naomi conked out way before her usual 8pm bedtime, thanks mainly to the fact that she only took 3 30 min naps while at daycare (vs her usual 3 2 hour naps!!).  But we did it, and Naomi even made a friend, they could have been twins, but don't be deceived.  Naomi is the girl with the receding hairline/fauxhawk.  
Oh, and at the end of the day the teachers give you a little sheet which tells you what they did during the day.  Naomi's ended with, "I enjoyed staring at the mirror admiring how pretty I am".  Thus proving our theory that she is the vainest baby we know.  Stick her in a mirror and you instantly have a happy Naomi.  Must get that from daddy.


swei said...

psh. if i had naomi's good looks, i'd stare at myself in the mirror all day long...and right through nap time. so glad it went ok!

Lo said...

ha ha ha caleb LOVED the mirror next to the bed at my parents' place. now he kisses himself in the little toy mirrors. =P