Monday, November 2, 2009

Home sweet home and a little chat-a-holic

We got home from Cabo on Friday night. Our suitcases are still lying in the middle of our bedroom floor, our house is utter chaos. But it's so good to be home, sleeping in our own bed. It was an incredible trip and I'll post pictures later. But the best part of the trip by far was having so much time to spend with Naomi. She has really grown up so much over the past 1.5wks! She's saying over 50 words now and picking up more and more each day. It's incredible she'll point things out that we never even really made the effort to teach her yet, she's just so observant she picks so much up. (we definitely need to be more careful with what we say going forward!!) Last night her Nai Nai (Austin's mom) called, and Naomi was quick to grab the phone as always. We were in the middle of skypeing our friends Gene, Jaime and Alli, and Naomi was rudely ignoring the conversation and having one of her own! Here she is on the phone with Nai nai. And yes, Nai Nai was really on the other end...possibly for 10 whole minutes or longer!! Every time we told Naomi it was time to hang up and say bye bye, she'd say, "Noo no no"

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ha ha hilarious!