Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Never Easy

Just when I thought I was slowly starting to get adjusted to getting back to work, nights like last night, or should I stay tonight, since it's still technically night time for most people, happen.
MIkaeala was hard to get down for the night, not her usual self. By 9:30 she was finally asleep, only to wake up again at midnight. Not really a big deal, I went back to bed easily after that.
The hard part was when Naomi woke me up at 4am (20 mins before my alarm goes off). I heard her calling out for me, and when I went in to check on her, she was begging me to let me go to the office with me because she wants to stay with me. Talk about a knife in the heart. There have been a bunch of days when she won't even get out of bed until Austin has called me in the office so she can say good morning. It definitely takes a lot of strength not to just start bawling in the middle of the trading floor at work! Hopefully she'll get used to me being back at work soon, and it'll be easier on both of us.

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