Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mikaela 8 months.

Going to work each morning is always tough, but going back after a long weekend, especially an incredibly fun one spent on the beach with family and good friends, is even tougher. We came back yesterday afternoon from 4 days at Clearwater Beach. It was easily the nicest beach I’ve been to in the US. The girls both had fun, we got to spend time with good friends, and Naomi’s “best friend”. We’re completely exhausted, but it was so worth it. Naomi and Mikaela were also having a hard time getting back to the daily grind. Naomi was reluctant to go back to daycare today, and Mikaela had a hard time sleeping in her own room last night. Anyway, on to milestones. Today is Mikaela’s 8th month birthday!! She’s reached so many new milestones since I’ve last blogged. Literally if you blink for too long, you could miss something new.
Part of her difficulty in sleeping last night, was that she’s learned to pull herself into a sitting position. Last night she’d roll all over the place, get into a sitting position, and then just cry and cry. She was pulling on the railing of the crib, and half hoisting her body up, to the point where I was afraid she’d pull herself into a standing position, and with the crib mattress not yet lowered, manage to flip herself over the crib railing. We ended up ending that cry it out session and Austin rocked her back to sleep =)
She can clap her hands, and cracks up hysterically when you cheer her on.
Just today she’s learned how to wave bye bye.
She’s still an expert at saying DA-DA
She’s started eating Cheerios
She’s the world’s fastest army crawler under the age of 9 months
She’s still adores her big sister, and laughs easily whenever Naomi does anything silly
She loves her baby music class and loves to beat along with her music teacher
Despite her tiny body, she has a voracious appetite, and can easily finish several servings of solid food
She’s learning to hold her own bottle
She’s learning to drink from a sippy cup
She has the best smile, and is quick to smile at anyone that talks to her, strangers and familiar faces alike, therefore melts hearts all around her.
Oh and she makes a pretty cute pirate:


Shari said...

Happy 8 months Mikaela! What a cutie.

swei said...

Does this mean she won't have a panic attack every time she sees me now?? I'm going to make that little girl love me :)

beawei said...

I am not as ambitious as GuGu. Just want my little buddy to sing and dance with NaiNai again.