Friday, February 24, 2012

A Visit from the denist

At the daycare, a pediatric dentist paid Naomi's class a visit a few weeks ago. She's seen the dentist several times, and has had a dentist visit the school in the past as well, but this time, the visit really caught her attention. Apparently the dentist talked about how sugar was bad for your teeth, and that there was lots of sugar in juice and candy.
Not exactly sure what she said, but Naomi is now incredibly scared of eating candy and refuses to drink any kind of juice and just prefers water. Fine by me!!

One thing that made us laugh, and worry at the same time, was that it was a female dentist that went to visit the school. When Naomi saw me she said, "Mommy, the FAKE dentist came to visit us today!" When I asked her why she was fake, she said it was because she was a girl. Since then I've been trying to explain to her that girls can be dentists, doctors, etc. Didn't realize I'd have to teach my 3 year old about women's rights!

The funny thing is that a week after the dentist paid a visit to the school, we had our own appointment with the pediatric dentist, which happens to be the same practice as the visiting dentist. Naomi's regular dentist must have been out, because she ended up getting Dr. Choi, who was the female dentist that visited her school. I think that helped reinforce the message that she wasn't a fake dentist =)