Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Delivery men are supposed to do what?

Today has been the day I've been waiting for. The day my treadmill came in.  Alright! I can finally work out and be the lean mean muscle machine I've always known I could be.  At noon the delivery man came to deliver the treadmill.  He took one look at me and goes, "who's going to help me?"  I responded, "what do you mean? You're the delivery company, I'm just waiting to sign for the package."  He glared at me and went back to the truck where my beloved treadmill was patiently waiting to be unloaded.  It took a lot of swearing, grunting, sweating and probably voodoo curses on me, but he finally got it off the truck.  The box was huge, we're talking about 10 Amy's could fit in there comfortably.  He did his job I suppose and delivered the treadmill....just not exactly to WHERE I wanted it to be...  boy oh boy I can't wait for Austin to get home!!


Lo said...

what in the world - that's ridiculous!!!! isn't it his job to deliver it to the exact spot you want it to be?! that's what dolly's are for!

Shari said... it! Love how it's just resting there on your driveway. =)