Monday, August 4, 2008

Gym Boycott!!!

Having my mom here the past week has been great, I've been able to leave the house without Naomi and go to the gym to go running. I'll admit I hate running, but after over 10 months of being somewhat of a couch potato, it actually feels pretty good to exercise again. I'd rather play swim or play volleyball anyday, but running will have to do. Anyhow, I've been worrying about how I'll get out to the gym once my mom leaves this sunday. I could go when Austin gets back from work, or just wait til the weekend..or I could use the gym's babysitting service (which i've NEVER seen anyone use). But Austin and I decided to forgo the gym completely. I'm going to quit paying my $75 club membership (yes I paid $75/mth for the 10 months that I sat on my couch)....but rather than continuing to sit on the couch, we've decided to buy a treadmill!! I'm super excited and completely determined to NOT let this treadmill become a very expensive clothes hanger. We should get it in two weeks, here's a preview of our new purchase...
Yes, I am determined to be a lean mean running machine....ok, or at least lose the baby weight I gained thanks to my mini-me.

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swei said...

haha. what ever do you mean by an expensive clothes hanger??