Saturday, October 17, 2009


This past week, Naomi has started picking up more and more words. Granted 99% of what she says is still gibberish (my dad says she's talking in Ewok language), she's imitating us more and more, and starting to get really good at it. Her favorite word to say over and over again is, "wow". She'll say it over and over and over again. She also says Guh-guh, for big brother, when we call her boyfriend Caleb. he calls her "mo-mo" and they both say hi. So they're skype conversations go something along the lines of, "Mo mooooo, HIIiiieeeee", "Hieeeee, Guh guhhhh, Hiieeeee" "mo mo". Exciting times. She calls Elmo, Na-Na, says, "yea" when you ask her a question, and constantly asks for "cheeeeese"
She's also good at saying Bye-eee, and she tries and tries to say, "i love you". It's the cutest thing, but it ends up sounding like, "I oof ooop"

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