Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shoes shoes shoes

Naomi's feet are finally growing, she's finally wearing a size 3, which means that she can fit these. I bought these pretty blue Seek Kai Run shoes back in May when they were on sale. They're so cute, I only wish I had gotten them in a bigger size as well.

Now that her feet are growing, it's a lot easier to find shoes for her. Finding walking shoes for a kid who's feet are same size as a 3mth old is extremely challenging. Most of the shoes that did fit her were crib shoes, made for babies who couldn't crawl, much less walk. I'm currently in love with a few styles from See Kai Run, but I'm also loving these purple mary janes from Livie and Luca. I love the lavendar and the cute little bird. Seeing how slow her feet grow, I'm trying to justify the price tag by saying she'll wear them for a long time! heh

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