Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A girl after my own heart...

On Saturday, afternoon, we arrived at JFK, went to get our car, and drove home, stopping at Priscilla’s house along the way to pick up Lilo and Stitch. After a long day, Naomi decided she had had enough and proceeded to kick up the WORST tantrum in the car. All of my attempts to calm her down were fruitless, even our magic tricks that always work (offer her cheerios “aka the magic snack”, letting her watch videos on Austin’s ipod, letting her flip the pages of her books). Everything that got within her reach was quickly thrown away or batted at. The poor girl was bright red, her eyes were getting puffy, I think she may have even scratched her cheek a little. I have never ever seen her this upset. It was very stressful to say the least, and I wasn’t even driving. I could only imagine how hard it was for Austin to concentrate. Seeing her so upset like that without being able to calm her down certainly does tear at your heart.
In any event, by the time we got home, I thought for sure getting her out of her car seat, feeding her and letting her stretch out, would be the remedy to all of her angst. But even then she was a mess and couldn’t stop crying. At some point, Austin had gone out to get the mail, while I just sat with her, trying to calm her down. Before our trip, I had ordered Naomi two pairs of shoes from See Kai Run. They came in while we were away, so Austin brought the box to me. Since I couldn’t quite console Naomi, I decided to go ahead and open the box to check it out. As I was opening the box, I could see Naomi watching me, but still crying. Then low and behold, as I had her shoes in hand, she suddenly stopped crying and started bouncing her happy bounce...bop bop bop. Then all of a sudden she had the biggest grin on her face, reached out and grabbed one of the shoes, and started placing it on her foot as if she was going to try and put it on. She started babbling away, laughing, screaming her excited “OMG OMG OMG” scream. I could not believe it. I sat back and laughed with her, thinking, “this truly is my daughter”. By the look of dread on Austin’s face, I don’t think he was quite as happy.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, these are the shoes I bought. The blue one’s I’ve been obsessing over for some time, and finally caved in when they were marked down an additional 50% for 3 days. And the white one’s are her fancy birthday shoes, which upsettlingly, even though i bought the smallest size they had (0-6mths) are still too big for the girl with midget feet.


Janet said...

WOW naomi does have small feet!
i like see kai run shoes too...rebecca has a pair that are buttery soft.

Shari said... starts young, what can I say? =) Plus it's in her blood. I got my niece the baby high heels. Have you seen those? Unfortunately they're for baby girls up to 6 months.

Naomi's mom said...

janet, yea i LOVE them. Actually austin's cousin gave us a pair a long time ago, for size 9-12mths, it's the "smaller" line, but it'll be awhile before she can fit them.

Shari, haha yea i've seen those baby highheels. too funny.