Wednesday, June 24, 2009

12 months

Naomi 1 year stats

Weight: 17lbs (2nd percentile)
Height 29 inches (48th percentile)
Head: 46cm (75th percentile)

Naomi turned 1 last week Friday. I’ve been putting off writing this update mainly because I’m still catching my breath after a busy couple of days, but partly because I’m finding it hard to admit she’s already 1. It really does feel like yesterday when brought home this squishy, red faced 6lbs little alien. She’s officially a toddler, and I’m obviously ecstatic, yet I’m sad at the same time. Before we know it she’ll be sneaking out on dates while Austin waits on the patio with a shotgun.

I think rather than try to describe the emotions or thoughts, I”ll just share this slideshow Austin made of her first year.

And of course the regular development updates:
In the last month, Naomi’s gotten more comfortable with crawling, and will follow us from room to room now. (usually while cheerfully screaming at the same time).
She’s learned to climb up steps
All this mobility means we’ve had to install a baby gate, and probably will need to invest in a few more.
Naomi’s turned into a regular miss chatterbox. From the moment she wakes up, she usually starts blabbering a way, with the exception of when we’re around strangers.
Naomi’s becoming shy, every once in awhile, when in new situations or around new faces, she leans into you and sometimes even clings to our arms.
But once she warms up to you, Naomi smiles, screams, waves, shakes your hand, in other words she becomes quite the charmer.
She can comfortably pull herself up on a table, bookshelf, or sofa.
She likes to pull things off of shelves
She likes to put her toys away into baskets
She can drink from a sippy cup on her own
She likes to drink out of big girl cups
She started drinking whole milk
She's starting to throw tantrums
She picks her nose...then sticks her finger in her mouth


Shari said...

Your comment about Austin waiting on the patio with shotgun cracked me up. Man, oh man, I hope time doesn't fly THAT fast that Naomi will be dating (scary thought!).

mwei said...

I still remember vividly how Austin starting to craw and how he was able to come down stairs by crawing backward. How time flies!!!

Naomi's Dad said...

awwww. i can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. i don't even own a shotgun yet. better get on that.