Monday, June 8, 2009

Paradise defined

Turks and Caicos truly was paradise. The beaches consisted of crystal clear blue water, soft white flawless sand. The weather was warm and humid (love it yes yes), yet there was still a strong breeze to cool you off throughout the day. It's hard being back at work after having an amazing week off with Austin and Naomi, but it makes me look forward to our next trip in just two weeks where we'll be going back up to Cornell for a friends wedding...or what I like to call it, the baby fest, since so many of our friends will be bringing their young kids/babies.

There are so many moments from Turks that I want to remember, making it harder for me to blog. Naomi did amazingly well on the flights to and from, especially in comparisons to some of the wild children on our flights. (although the car ride home from JFK is a completely different story, deserving of its own post, lets just say it was and wasn't one of naomi's finer moments). Naomi loved the water, loved the sand, loved all the attention she got from the different hotel staff. She was a nightmare to put to bed since we all shared a room. In retrospect I should have asked some friends who recently went on trips, for advice....some of it sounds very very reasonable...hiding out in a bathroom til she falls asleep sounds like pure genius at this point in time! But alas, we caved and rocked her to sleep for all her nap times and at night...making her a monster child when it came time to put her down to sleep at home. Tonight seems a bit better, she only cried for 12 mins before finally conking out. Ugh I hate sleep training.
What else? Naomi loved rinsing off after the beach in the outdoor showers. She LOVED, let me rephrase that, was OBSESSED with the fountains. She would stand on the edge and hold her hand against the spout so that she sprayed everyone within a 5 ft radius. Everytime we walked by the fountain she would stretch her arms out to it and say, "EHHHH" the way she does when she wants Austin or I to pick her up. She loved fruit and fish, and ate non stop. I was almost certain she'd weigh close to 20lbs when we got home which would help her move up in the % charts for her age group...(i weighed her when we got home....she barely gained an ounce). Most of all, I think she just loved having both Austin and I day and night. I know I certainly loved it.
There are too many pictures to post, but here are a couple, most of which will eventually be repeats on Austin's blog.

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HaeWon said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! I LOVE the photos!! I def. want to go there after reading your blog.