Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Milk, does the body good?

After Naomi's 1yr birthday, we started to introduce whole milk into her diet as I weaned her off of breastfeeding. Unfortunately it seems that Naomi has inherited one of my not so great traits and is having issues with whole milk. When I was a baby, I was allergic to wholemilk and had to drink soymilk formula. Thankfully I outgrew the intolerance (could you imagine life without icecream, or milk in my 16 cups of daily coffee??? oy)
Going in has been no problem, she drinks her bottles as if there was no difference to the content. However, when it comes out...ugh it's a whole different, GROSS, story. I wont get into the details, but lets just say, the doctor has told us to hold off for another month. Thankfully I still have a lot of frozen milk from months and months of pumping at work. So for now, I'm still offering her 2oz of whole milk mixed in with 6oz of breast milk. I guess we'll see how her body takes to it, and if she does ok I'll gradually increase the ratio of whole milk. If not, I'll pull back and check in with our doctor to see if I need to explore formula, or soy milk.


Laura said...

Oh no! Jeff was allergic to milk, too! (and wheat, tomatoes, and a whole host of things...) For his first birthday he couldn't even have cake -- he had a baked apple! Luckily he outgrew most the allergies, too. Good luck!!!

Naomi's mom said...

lol at the baked apple, hahah poor jeff