Thursday, July 2, 2009


Last weekend we went up to Ithaca for Joe and Jess' wedding. We hadn't been back since 2004, and boy were things different! It was a little sad to see how many new buildlings were on campus, most of which looked nothing like the traditional architecture that gave Cornell it's character. It was even sadder to see that Ithaca finally caved and allowed chain stores to open up in Collegetown. There was a STARBUCKs in collegetown.
We had a great time meeting up with old college buds. Naomi got to finally meet Caleb, Emily, Nicolas, and catch up with Josiah. There was lots of eating, lots of play time for the kiddies and a lot of good ol fun. The weekend passed too quickly to say the least. It was such a different experience being back at school with a baby in tow! Even though she had no idea where we were, it was fun to point sites out to Naomi, "see Naomi, this is where daddy stalked mommy" haha.
Hanging out with old friends made me wish we lived closer to everyone. It'd be so fun to have regular playdates.

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Lo said...

i wish we lived close so we could all hang out!!!! and i wish i could've walked around campus with you guys!! miss you!!!! =D