Friday, July 31, 2009

Standing Tall

Naomi is able to stand on her own, without any support, for a whole 30 seconds. It’s the cutest thing to watch her practice this new skill. She pulls or pushes herself up into a standing position off of whatever is near her to support herself (usually me, or whoever is sitting near her) bends a little at the knee, steadies herself in anticipation, then slowly lets go and raises her hands out, half in an act of balancing herself, and half in an act of showmanship to say. She gets a look of concentration on her face while she’s doing this, then once she knows she’s doing it and standing on her own, she bursts into the biggest grin and looks around to make sure everyone is checking her out. As soon as she plops down onto her butt, she looks around at everyone again and starts clapping, making sure she gets the round of applause that she is due. Naturally I haven’t gotten a good picture of this process since it all happens so fast, and since Naomi tends to clam up when she knows the camera is on. But hopefully I’ll catch her in action this weekend!


Janet said...

isn't it amazing to watch them develop an awareness of themselves and what they can do?

Jennifer said...

Thanks for your encouragement :) Actually, reading your blog was one of the reasons that made me start keeping track of things. It's so fun to see what other people (and their kiddos) are doing. And a great way to remember.
Hehe. Naomi is so adorable. I can just imagine what she'll be like when she starts running!

Lo said...

ha ha, don't you just love their proud faces and when they clap for themselves, ha ha! =D