Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thirteen Months

Naomi turned 13 months today. It's amazing how much she's changed in just one month of being a toddler. Most noticeable of her changes is in her willingness to be away from Austin and I. She has very little stranger anxiety these days; she'll wave "hi" to everyone, whether we're at church, the grocery store, a restaurant, or even in a parking lot. Last night she waved bye bye to a random car full of people pulling out of the lot at Red Robin. They all laughed and happily waved back.
It's so fun to watch her open up to our friends and family. On a complete opposite end of the spectrum, she's developing a case of shyness. While she'll happily go to friends and family that she's met before, and she'll happily wave to strangers from a distance, if someone new approaches her too quickly, she quickly turns back to Austin or I and tucks her head into our shoulders or looks away. She'll almost always warm up though especially when the so called new person has treats to offer her.
This month she's also started getting stronger and can pull herself to a standing position like a pro. Just within the last couple of weeks she's started cruising and can pull herself along any piece of furniture (windows or walls too) that she has access too. I'm almost certain that before we know it she'll be walking.
Another major changes is her babbling. From the moment she wakes up she's babbling, laughing, chatting to herself and to her dolls. When she sees anyone on the phone, she HAS to be allowed to join in on the conversation. While it is soo fun to be able to call her from work and have a "conversation" with her, I do worry that she's starting to gain some bad habits, because if she's not given the phone fairly early on in the conversation, an immediate whine fest ensues.
Which leads me to the last of her major developments in this first month of her first year....her tantrums. She can go from a happy, fun, laughing baby, into a screaming, crying, toy flinging, nightmare of a baby in point 1 second flat. Right now my aim for discipline is really just distraction, try to get her focused on something else. it's hard because, how exactly do you reason with a one year old? But if these tantrums are any sort of predictor for future events in toddler-hood...Austin and I could be in for a ride..and not a fun one.

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