Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer evenings

I love this time of year. It's warm out. No bulky coats, no itchy sweaters, no SOCKS. I hate socks. We recently had our backyard patio done and bought a patio table. We had originally rushed to get this all done for Naomi's birthday party, but as luck would have it, it stormed on her birthday party day, so we didn't get to enjoy it. However, now that the rain has finally cleared up and the weather has been beautiful at night, we've been eating dinner and breakfast outdoors more and more. There's something about eating outdoors, breathing fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin, that just makes me happy. After 12 hours in the office, it's just relaxing to have dinner outdoors with my family. Naomi seems to like it too. She's always much happier outdoors. And it's not as big a deal when she throws her food on the floor either (a daily event now). Although it means lilo and stitch miss out on their treats for that meal.

From Naomi 12 months

From Naomi 12 months

From Naomi 12 months

From Naomi 12 months


Laura said...

The patio & furniture looks awesome! I was checking out that set in the PB do you like it? I love the red!

Naomi's mom said...

ooh good eye! we love it. we got it on sale too =)

Lo said...

nice job on her hair, er, former mullet!!! love the patio!!!