Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gone too soon

One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs is "Gone too soon" off of his Dangerous album. It's quickly become a more popular song given his sudden death. Call me crazy, but I'm torn up over his death. I've always been a Michael Jackson fan from when i was a little kid. His infamous postponed concert at Singapore's National Stadium was the first concert that I ever attended. I've been hooked on his music, videos, dancing, singing, and ever bizarre life ever since. I'm sad to think that Naomi could grow up not knowing of this great legend, not only of his songs, but of how he opened up doors and changed the landscape of music and performance. Thankfully, as a kid I liked to spend all of my allowance on CDs, so I have most of of the Michael Jackson collection, so in the past couple of days, probably like the rest of the world, I've been playing old Michael Jackson songs and introducing Naomi to the King of Pop. I've gotta say. So far, it seems like she's a fan. Check out her moves....

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