Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

We had a nice 4th of July weekend. On Friday, we spent most of the day at home while I rested up getting over a stomach bug. It was nice to stay at home with nothing to do after weeks of running around. On Saturday, Gene, Jaime and Alli came over for a bbq and playdate. It's fun to watch Alli and Naomi interact as they get older. Each playdate, they interact more and more with each other. While they've started playing with each other, they've also started fighting over toys. How do you teach a 1 yr old to share their toys though!?
In the afternoon Chris came over and we went to our town 4th of July celebration. It was a small fair, but it was still fun nontheless. We had applegate farms icecream, and Naomi got her first pinwheel and balloon animal. It was supposed to be a bug...but some could argue it was a pig with antlers. We figured we'd try and watch the fireworks from our backyard since we were so close to the town fair, but all the big trees blocked most of the view. Next year when Naomi is older we'll definitely stay out to catch the fireworks. I have to say we were really impressed with what we saw/heard though. For a little town, we had a pretty amazing firework display!
Today we went to church, and Naomi had a great time in the nursery. She doesn't even cry when I leave her anymore! She loves the nursery staff, and really enjoys watching all the other kids in the class. But I know she still misses us cause whenever service is over and I go to pick her up, she throws her arms up in the air, smiles and starts screaming with glee as she races towards me. I get such a kick out of picking her up. Hopefully she'll be this excited to see me when we start dropping her off at daycare.
After a nice family nap, we went to the mall where everyone got a little treat. For dinner we went to Bonefish grill for some yummy seafood. Naomi got to play with crayons for the first time. She tried to eat the green and red crayon a couple of times...but for the most part, I think she understood that you were supposed to draw with them.
It was a good long weekend. I always feel sad on Sunday evenings, and long weekends always make it even harder. I'm already looking forward to next weekend!

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Naomi's Dad said...

I had a wonderful weekend too! My favorite part was the family nap, although watching naomi and alli fight over toys was pretty entertaining as well!