Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drama Queen

Yes indeed, Naomi takes after her mama and likes being the center of attention. She clearly has a flair for the dramatics – her most recent antic, purposefully bumping her head on furniture, then screaming bloody murder, all for attentions sake. I’ve watched her look around to make sure someone is watching, slowly approach a table, or a chair leg, or anything she can bump into, SLOWLY lower her head and tap the furniture, and then BURST into tears, screaming at the same time. I take partial blame because I did make a big deal of the action the first time I saw it, laughing out loud and pointing it out to anyone in the room. Now she does it so often, and we’re trying hard to pretend like we don’t notice her when she does it. Hopefully she’ll grow out of this phase soon, cause sometimes she does hit her head a little harder than she intended to. She ends up with red marks all over her forehead. Lets just hope she doesn’t kill any of those brain cells!


Anonymous said...

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbut isn't she the cutest thing? it is so difficult not to even be able to give her the slightest attention our little drama queen.
today i just pick her up and said , let us go somewhere where there is no table that can hurt you, Okay?

Janet said...

that is too funny...naomi is gonna get a kick out of reading all the silly things she did when she's older.