Thursday, July 23, 2009

A milestone of my own

Today is going to be the first day where I won’t get to see Naomi awake. Since she’s always asleep when I leave for work, I’m always excited to see her for a few hours after work before we put her to bed, and desperately try not to schedule anything after work in order to avoid conflicting with this precious time. Tonight though, I’m going to join some college friends for dinner in Manhattan, and probably wont get home until well after she’s asleep. I’m sure I’ll have a great time, and hey, maybe I’ll even feel a little liberated at having a break from my nightly mommy-duties, but right now I’m just missing my little girl. Thankfully I’ll make up for missing her tomorrow since I’ll be working from home in the morning, and in the afternoon we’ll be driving out to DC to visit Austin’s grandmother for the weekend. After a 4 hour drive down to DC, I’m sure I’ll wish I was still having dinner and drinks with my girlfriends!

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