Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mommy Brain!!!

A girlfriend of mine asked me for suggestions on how to get her 1month old baby to sleep at night instead of all day. I totally remember Naomi's baby jet lag, I used to tell people she liked to party all night and sleep all day. As I thought of things I did to help her get rid of her baby jet lag, I couldn't really remember all that we did, or even when it really stopped. How quickly we forget. Someone at church told me that God helps mothers to forget all the hard stuff about pregnancy, labor and early infancy, a clear trick to tell you that having a second child is a great idea!


Chickering Mom said...

I go through this all the time with two - I only wish I had written more down with Owen so I could use it now with Mary.

Chickering Mom said...

Can't figure out how to just send you a message - so in response to your comment check out for kid food. I have a bunch of her books and love them. :)

Naomi's mom said...

Thanks for the link!!!