Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Naomi bits

Naomi never ceases to amaze me, and I'm constantly wondering how I managed to have such an incredibly funny and loving two year old. So onto some random thoughts I want to make sure to remember.

- Last weekend in Philadelphia we were walking through the hotel lobby to go to Erin and Rick's wedding. Uncle Fish asked Naomi to turn around so he could take a picture of her. She was wearing the cutest purple dress and sunglasses. Without a pause, turned half way around, looked over her shoulder at Uncle Fish, and posed. Super glam.
- She loves singing the "I love you" song from Barney, and gives Austin and I the best hugs and kisses when it gets to the part that says, "with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you". Absolutely makes me day when she does this.
- Two days ago at a Philipino restuarant, I was eating pickled salad, and Naomi tried some. She put it back on my plate and said, "too sour".
- The waitress at the same restaurant tickled Naomi when we were leaving. Naomi, not knowing what to call the waitress, proclaimed, "Dinner tickled me!!"
- I was lying on our living room floor when Austin accidently kicked my head. Naomi quickly came over and rubbed my head and told Austin that "kicking mommy is not ok. and Daddy needs a time out".
- Naomi can sing "In the Jungle". It's hilarious.
- She likes to pretend to change her toys (usually Mimi her lambie, and Alvin the chipmunks) diapers. When she pretends to take off their dirty diaper, she yells out, "Ewwww Grosss". She definitely learned that from Austin.

I'm seriously always amazed at how much she picks up each day and how verbal she is. Of course none of you reading this blog will really ever hear her cause she's so incredibly shy and gets so quiet when anyone else is around. Hopefully we'll grow out of it at least a little, as she gets older.

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