Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Years Old

Naomi turned two on June 19th. The poor girl was sick on her birthday and didn’t really get to enjoy her party, but she was feeling better in the late afternoon and had a blast opening all her presents.

It’s crazy what a whirlwind couple of months it has been. I’ve been meaning to post so many different times, we’ve had several major events, including Austin and my 5th anniversary, my own first anniversary of my 29th birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, grandparents visiting, aunt’s and uncles visiting, finishing our basement…. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking of it all!

Anyway, back to Naomi.

At two years of age, she is no longer a baby, and each day I realize that more and more as I watch her interact with everything and everyone around her. She’s growing up. She understands and grasps new concepts every minute, every second practically. She can have full conversations with you, especially if it’s in regards to princesses or elmo. She remembers things she’s done, people she’s met, sometimes even better than I do. Over the weekend we had a 4th of july bbq and two of Naomi’s friends, Alli and Chloe were over. Chloe and Naomi watched parts of Beauty and the Beast together. Yesterday, after I picked Naomi up from daycare, she asked if we were going to go pick up Chloe cause she wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast with her again. And when we got home, she was telling me how she danced with Alli to “under the sea” (yes we watched The Little Mermaid too…we are princess obsessed).
I’ve also realized what a BIG personality Naomi has. Other than when she first meets people, where she’ll be extremely shy, she’s extremely playful, loud, and shall we say dramatic? When she knows you’re watching, she’ll constantly be putting on a show, For example if she wants to show something is funny, she’ll grab her belly and bend over as if she were laughing really hard. Her mouth will hang wide open as she yells out, “HAR HAR HAR”, she may even yell out, “NOMI FUNNY!!” When she walks around, she doesn’t just walk, she struts and bounces. You can hear her coming from a mile away. She has a fake cry down to perfection. She’ll put her head down in her arms, scrunch up her face and say, “boo hoo hoo Nomi crying”. The second she hears music, her little legs and hips start moving. She can’t sit still. It’s like her body becomes possessed and she has to start dancing. Doesn’t matter if we’re at the mall, at home, at a restaurant, even at church.
But with a big personality, you have major extremes. Yes she is quite the ham, I call her my little actress, my diva, Austin calls her a mini-amy. She also a drama queen, oh and did I mention she’s 2? Yes the terrible two’s have hit our household. Anything and everything can set Naomi off. Transitions are particularly challenging. For example if she’s in the middle of playing, and it’s time to eat, she obviously doesn’t want to eat. “No, I don’t want to eat right now! No I don’t” If you insist, she’ll immediately throw her body on the floor, start kicking and screaming, yelling out NO NO NO EATING. She can also get extremely challenging when she doesn’t get what she wants. Of late, she’s been wanting bandaids. Her favorite are the plain brown ones since those are what her teacher gives her at school when she gets a real boo-boo. Since we’ve run out of those, she has been willing to take Ni Hao KaiLan ones, and Hello Kitty bandaids as well. Is it bad that I use them to bribe her? I’ll tell her she can have a bandaid if she gets up and takes a bath…(with water of course, because she’s been telling us she’ll take a bath, but only with no water). Of course if she doesn’t get the bandaid of choice for the night, she’ll kick up a big fuss. Two nights ago, she was sent to bed with heaven forbids, NO BANDAIDs, and two time-outs. I seriously think our neighbors, if they could hear, probably thought we were child abusers. The lungs on that girl…mind you, she’s teeny tiny. She can still fit 12 month clothing. But she can scream louder than most grown-ups with a megaphone.

But even after her worst moments, she always manages to calm down, and monster Naomi disappears, and we get our sweet little girl again. There are times when she’s so sweet, I could almost believe that I imagined the temper tantrum that I had witnessed just 2 minutes ago.

On to her stats from her 2 year checkup.

Weight: 23lbs 8 0z (12%)
Height: 32.5 inches (20%)
Head circumference: forgot the number, but 77%

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