Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chugging along

Despite it being summer, the past month has been CRAZY busy at work. With everyone taking time off, I've had to do so much extra work, and have been getting home later and more tired than usual.
Plus our weekends provided no downtime as we have had a packed schedule with birthdays, travelling, guests, you name it.
Today's my last day of work before I go on vacation though, and BOY do I need it. I haven't even started packing, but thankfully my boss gave me tomorrow off (I think it was a pity day since literally you can see the bags under my eyes, and my usual race across the trading floor has become a slow meander thanks to the exhaustion and widening belly). So tomorrow I plan on packing, grabbing some last minute things for the trip, including groceries!
Yes we are driving to Hyannis to catch a Ferry to Nantucket...yes we are basically tracking Hurricane Earl, which is now a category 4 hurricane headed straight towards Nantucket. Hopefully we'll miss it by a day though and our trip won't get affected, but who knows. Regardless, we were told to bring basic supplies like milk, bread snacks etc, both for in case we get stranded in Hyanis with no grocery stores open, or if we make it onto the island and they do cancel the Ferry's while we're out there...."island living" we were told.
Regardless, I'm excited to be off from work, spending time with the fam.

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Laura said...

I hope your trip isn't affected by Earl -- those storms are NOT fun. Stay safe!