Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A spoonful of sugar....

Doesn't always work.
Naomi has a double ear infection and possibly the start of an eye infection. We have to give her antibiotics 2x a day for 10 days and 2 eye drops 4x a day for 5 days. Have I told you Naomi's a stubborn child (doesn't get this from me, I swear). No Matter what we try, she refuses to take her antibiotics and screams like a crazy person when we do her eye drops. We're only on our 3rd day. Sigh. I've tried everything, bribery, threats to go back to the doctor or to take away her toys and desserts etc, even mixing it in with her milk. We also took the medicine back to Target to have it flavored with Strawberry. Nothing works. The most success we have is putting the medicine in her milk where she'll guzzle it down a little, then realize something is in her milk (she claims someone put an ice cream in her milk), and refuses to drink cause it's yucky.
Hopefully she's getting enough in her...for the little amount of medicine that IS getting in her, it's wrecking havoc on her digestive system. After only two days of medicine, she's already got major diarrhea, and since she's at daycare where they can't always catch it right away, she's gotten a pretty nasty diaper rash. So now on top of all the medicine, we're trying to give her probiotics to equalize her system.

Come on scientists and doctors. Can't you figure out a better way to get antibiotics into my two year old!?


Chickering Mom said...

I feel your pain! Mary is the same when it comes to medicine. We have had success with mixing it with chocolate milk. Good Luck!

Janet said...

i've heard there are at least a couple of antibiotic options for ear infections. one of them tastes way better than the other. i have friends that have switched medicines because their kid refuses to take one kind. you should ask your pediatrician.