Sunday, October 3, 2010


We're almost done with our medicine! 2 days into having to take her eyedrops (4x a day, which meant 2x at school), Naomi suddenly stopped caring and actually reminded me when I nearly forgot to give them to her. No more struggling in that department made life easier. Two days ago, she finally started eating her antibiotics without spitting them out. We have enough medicine for one more dosage tomorrow morning, and even though we didn't make it to the full 10 days prescribed, our pharmacist, pediatrician and Dr Fish all said we don't need to get a refill and she should be all set. We also started giving her a pro-biotic to equalize her digestive system, so her diaper rash has calmed down a bit since her diarrhea calmed down.

Ok enough of the tmi details, thought I'd post some funny Naomi sayings that I want to make sure to remember.

We've been Tinkerbell obsessed in the Wei household, and Naomi has remembered some hilarious key phrases.
"Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow...mommy, that's what Bubbles says. What happened to him?"
"Hello Father!!!" (in a british accent, directed at Austin).
"Ok. Time for Scientific Fairy Research"
"knock knickity knock Tinkerbell!!"

And of course her random everyday craziness...

To our dogs Lilo and Stitch:
after our poor dog ate something that didn't agree with her stomach, and threw up, Naomi was quick to scold her...
"OHhhhh ewww Lilo, you threw up? That's NOT OK. Do you understand!?"
After she sees them go to the bathroom.
"Ewww, gross, they poo-pooe'd. Daddy clean it"
When we're on the phone and the dogs are barking like crazy...
"KNOCK IT OFF GUYS. Mommy (or daddy) is talking OK! "

At the mall, when two big guys passed us, and one of the burped loudly..
"Excuse you mommy!!"

At a restaurant bathroom when she came into the stall with me:
"hahaha mommy why are you pee'ing?"
After I flushed:
"Yayyy Mommy, you did it! I'm so proud of you!"

After she found out her great-grandma Ren Ren fell down:
"ohhh nooo Ren Ren fell down and gotta boo boo? I go visit her tonight. I give her a princess bandaid for her boo boo and it'll be all better ok?"

Have a good week everyone!